BAT VK-P5 phono tube suggestions??

Just purchased a 1yr old BAT VK-P5 phono stage. Stock tubes are 8 Sovtek 6922 and 2 Sovtek 6SN7. Have 2 Telefunken nos cca 6DJ8/Ecc88/6922/E88cc type and 8 Jan-Phillips 6922 and 2 RCA nos 6SN7 besides the orig stock tubes w/2 new spare Sovtek 6922. Table is a Sota Star series 2 w/ps-pump-clamp. Cart is Dynavecter DV20xH mc and AQ 1100 arm. Analog system is waiting for a phono cable to arrive and is not setup yet. Anyone with experience owning the BAT VK-P5 and which tubes work well? Thanks in advance, any suggestions will be appreciated. Mike
HELLO MIKE, A friend of mine uses a bat p5 with the stock tubes and his system is awesome.his system is a vpi aries /10.5 arm with a new benz ruby2(H)actual .68mv output according to his test paper,not the avertised .8mv.A sonic frontiers line 3 into a threshold t800d amp.his speakers are thiel cs7.tubes are like wires in that different tubes will work better in different systems.different tubes are known for having certain sonic qualities which I.M.H.O makes it very difficult to know which will sound the best without trying them and listening in YOUR SYSTEM.i am sure there is a better combo of tubes then the stock ones i do not know what they are.some will be DIFFERENT but not necessarily BETTER.I know this is not the answer you are looking for,experimenting with tubes can get expensive,I'LL TAKE ALL THE ONES YOU DONT LIKE. ENJOY,RICH