BAT VK30SE, VK50se or SF Line 3se

Has anybody compared ? List experiences? Thank You Miguel
I have not heard the SF 3se, but have compared the BATs to other SF preamps in the past and the BATs won hands down in my system.

T=I found the VK-30se to be wonderful, but there is a big difference between it and the VK-50SE. The VK-50SE has much greater extension and control. Both are the quietest tube preamps I have ever listened to and seem to me to be very neutral. Very little euphony.

If you need a BAT preamp, call Jim at (425)454-2279. He has always treated me exceptionally well. Tell him you spoke with Jonathan and I am sure he will be good to you.

Good Luck!
I demo'd both the VK30SE and the 50SE. 30SE is great, clean sounding with lots of microdynamics, however the 50SE is in another league. No comparison between the 2 as far as soundstage. For the last 6 months I have been in audio bliss, without the "upgrade bug". Try it, you'll see!

I have not heard the Line 3se and only had the chance the hear the Line 3 in a dealer system. Although the system had the same speakers as I use, the amps and source were different.

I have heard the BAT line 5i, 30se, 50se in my dealers system and my own. The 50SE is the best preamp I have heard, and I have auditioned quite a few CJ, AR, ML etc. However, I would say that it absolutely must have a perfect system around it, from cables to components to power source to isolation. The problem is that some people buy the 50se thinking it will make the rest of their components sound better....belive me it does not. I think the 5i or the line 3 would be better at this since you can get NOS tubes to message the sound an compensate for other shortfalls in your system. But, if you have a top notch setup (I don't mean in $$$, but in sound) you will not be is that good.
I currently have both a BAT 50SE and 5i and I love both of them. The 5i works really well with SS amps while the 50SE works well with both tubes and SS, provided you take Delancey's advice and couple it with a good system. I find the 5i has a slightly warmer midrange while the 50SE is transparent without being analytical. Since adding a 75SE amp, I have decided to sell my 5i, but only because the new amp mates better with the 50SE. On the other hand, the 5i was more satisfying with the VK500 SS amp. Can't comment on the 30SE. Good luck, you can't go wrong with BAT.
I have not listed to the Bat vk30se, but I have listened to the bat vk50se and the bat vk3i with the bat vk200 ss, which I now own. Hands down the vk3i sounded beautiful with the vk200, I did not care for the vk50se with the vk200. But I could be mistaken cause when I home auditioned the 3i w/200 the 200 was broken in. When I auditioned the 50se w/200, 200 I just bought new at the time and was not broken in. So that could cause the problem, I'm sure of that. Bat pre amps are awesome, in my book. Good luck. Pete