Been clean for over a year....

It's been over a year since I added or changed any equipment in my system. Not even a cable or tweak. As I look around on A'gon and other audio sites, I'm not even tempted. Am I cured?
I agree Jea8. Listening to and enjoying the music rather than the equipment is a huge step for many of us. I'd say you have truly graduated or made a huge step in the right direction. Kudos and continued happiness and enjoyment.
I have been clean for almost 16 days now.
I never thought I could do it. What a great feeling!
It's sad to see members here that have been at this for 10+ years still looking for amps/pre/wire etc.

In time the US goverenment will make sure Agon will be filled with alot of nice gear for sale that many will no longer be able to hold on to.

Those who have not been wise with there $$$ will shortly come to understand (1,2 YEARS) that there is a huge storm coming.


Enjoy your system and consider yourself a wise man.

In the long run Liz may have been the smartest of us all.