Before I order the Magnepan 1.7s...

Hi. My wife and I finally agreed to put a proper stereo in the big room (700 sqft or thereabouts) and I bought a massive Krell amp in preparation for the eventual Magnepan purchase because we decided that the aesthetics of those speakers (with white socks) were tolerable. 

Before I pull that trigger, though, are there any "beautiful" speakers, respected by the audiophile community, that I should consider? I've looked over SFs and Focals, and they're indeed beautiful, but not so beautiful as to sway us. 

(as an aside, really, would it kill some of these manufacturers to offer a few more finishes-- with high-resolution photos taken from modern homes? They are literally throwing money out the window with these Geocities-quality websites. I'm surely not the only suburbanite looking for an audiophile-approved speaker with nice aesthetics)

Thank you.
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As much as I like Krell amplification How about reversing your system ethos and look out for a second owner pair of AvantGarde UNO FINO horns which you can run with a huge selection of lower power output amplification. 

You will find very few speaker companies with as wide a selection of veneer and color as Salk Audio, and they have a high degree of quality sound to value. I have reviewed two Salk speakers for, the most recent being the SS 9.5, which is a great value. 

If you can't make a home run aesthetically with a Salk speaker's array of veneers and finishes, then get the panel. 

Imo, deciding based on looks is the wrong way to buy a speaker, but I'm all about sound quality and understanding what different genres of speakers do. I do understand that in some instances aesthetics is all important, and I think you are wise to have agreement with the wife, versus militating against her opinion. I strongly suggest that if you do not know the fundamental differences in how dipole/panel versus dynamic speakers sound, that you educate yourself. If you already have a basic understanding of that and it has been taken into consideration, then carry on.  

Note well, there are rabid fans of every genre of speaker. Do not get swayed by the fanatics who will proclaim that only one genre is best/correct.    :) 

Since you already have a "massive" Krell amp, and were planning on getting dipole Maggie's, how about considering Martin Logan.  Their  Electromotion series may be within your budget, or perhaps you can spring for a used Masterpiece series model.  The transparent stat panel has higher WAF than Maggie's!
Are you prepared to place the Magnepans where they can display their virtues or will the be tucked into the room where they "look good."  If I could no optimize placement might well consider one of the above suggestions.  As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, might be helpful if you share what things you are looking for aesthetically.
ow about considering Martin Logan.

I have no intention of ever owning any stat/panel speaker
Just thought I'd chime in about ML. The thing is the added bass modeule.
I might love ML's stat panel, but not like how the bass module sounds...
I think its paper composite, I;'ve never cared for paper composites, now that i own Magnesium cone woofers. 
This is my only caveat to adding a  ML as a  second speaker system.