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How can Martin Logan grill covers be repaired?
Depending on what part is broken, might be best to call ML Support...    
2023 Florida International Audio Expo
Feb 17-19 in Tampa, FL...     
Home theater and 2 channel setup from same speakers?
One other consideration, if choosing a tube preamp, is whether the home theater bypass functions even when the preamp is powered off.  Most don't have that feature, but some do, thereby extending tube (and possibly other circuit components) life.  
2023 Florida International Audio Expo
Looking forward to it, along with the rest of our local Suncoast Audiophile Society members!  
Before I order the Magnepan 1.7s...
Since you already have a "massive" Krell amp, and were planning on getting dipole Maggie's, how about considering Martin Logan.  Their  Electromotion series may be within your budget, or perhaps you can spring for a used Masterpiece series model. ... 
Sax, piano, guitar recommendations
Check out the two albums by Archie Shepp and Horace Parlan...-Trouble in Mind ( )-Goin' Home ( )Both are superb (piano and sax). 
New Regional Audio Show in Tampa Feb 2019!
Who all is going to the 2nd Annual Florida Audio Expo (Feb 7-9)?  Looks like it will be substantially larger, but still free to attend! 
Coax to BNC connection for digital
Blue Jeans Cable offers a couple digital cable options with BNC to RCA terminations... 
Martin Logan reQuests vs newer Martin Logan offerings
Call them and ask! 
Martin Logan reQuests vs newer Martin Logan offerings
Yes, it's essentially the same.  With ML speakers, it's used only for optimizing the bass response.  I suggest posting your question over at if you'd like more responses. 
Martin Logan reQuests vs newer Martin Logan offerings
The woofer/bass integration with the stat panels has been markedly improved with their latest higher end models.  Another big PLUS has been the addition of Anthem Room Correction, for optimizing overall bass response for your particular room and s... 
Other forums?
Here's a great aggregator site (updated daily) for Forums and other sites all related to high end audio...  
Are Martin Logan’s what they used to be?
Actually, Roger Sanders *DOES* claim to be the inventor of curved electrostatic panels in the late 70's (see his FAQ page here), but he subsequently decided that flat ESL panels sounded better.  Gayle MARTIN Sanders (along with Ron LOGAN Sutherlan... 
Are Martin Logan’s what they used to be?
...The ESL panels on the old ones were held by a frame solid, not flapping around in the breeze (say goodby to solid imaging) useless to spike these new ones they still flap...This is nonsense. The current Masterpiece line has a new panel frame wh... 
Cover songs that are better than the originals.
Eva Cassidy... Over the Rainbow.