The surroundings for this years California High End Show were relaxed and easy going at the Hilton hotel near the Oakland Airport (as compared to this years AXPONA). The Sound Advocate was able to cover and listen to some great audio combined with fine conversation. Caslyn Anderson and I were eager and ready. Here are some of the highlights of our coverage!

The proprietors of Audio-Vision in San Francisco were displaying an all Naim system featuring their Uniti Nova Streamer/DAC/integrated (and power supplies) paired with the Focal Sopra 2 loudspeakers. A wide range of acoustical pop and orchestral program material was used, (Vinyl as well) and this was one of the few times I was able to hear the terrific Focal Sopra 2 Loudspeakers produce music in an environment as they were truly meant to sound; simply excellent!   Focal 2 @ $13,999/pair / Naim UnitiNova@ $6,900.

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