Bellair SX 210 Amplifier

Recently acquired Bell air research SX -210 Amplifier, 2x lk4112 or E406n german made triode valves 2x 4328D 1X5U4G Rectier as far I  know german LK 4112  hard to find 4328D and 5U4G Still available in marketplace sounds sublime very dynamic for this type of SET Has anyone any info regarding this amp, there other models such as SX -270 etc, etc, they are suppose to be Tokyo base company but absolutely no info about them a part from yahoo jap aucyions help will be appreciated. Thanks
Hi everyone, it looks like not much like anyone has any info about Bellair SX-210 Amplifier, my challange is almost imposibble to find LK 4112 / E406N triode tubes, perhaps it may be possible to modify this fantastic amp using 2a3 or 300 b tubes naturally keeping the 4328D and 5u4g help will be greatly appreciated. regards.
a kind gentleman shared this info with me,,,,

Sabih, you  do not need  to modify it at all E406N Or lk4112 they are  identical, your observation is absolutely correct these E406N Valves are rather rare but source able esp. they are not cheap but sonically much superior to any known 300b Valves have fun with it. Regards Helmut