Benchmark Dac1 + Rotel 1072

What kind of a combination do you think this would be? I want an HDCD capable player used for $500, or below and this seems one of the top candidates. I would also hook it up to my CD/DVD carousel. Additionally, I was thinking of the Musical Fidelity tube buffer to but in one of the paths as an option.

Any comments, or input would be welcome!
I tink that would be a great combination. I Originally had the rotel RCD-1071 connected to a Bel Canto DAC and was very pleased with the results. The benchmark DAC has received great reviews, so your really cant go wrong. Just be sure to use use top shelf digital cable and power cords to bring the best out of both units. I started off using a well reviewed budget cable and then audiotioned a transparent PDL 1, and it took my system to a whole other level.

Good luck!
I like the Rotel 1072.

Even though I've upgraded, I haven't sold mine yet. I'm not trying to make a sale. In fact, I'm not listing it yet, but I would recommend the Rotel even though there is a lot of competition at that price range. Do you have a Benchmark Dac1 now? How does it sound if so?

No, I don't have one yet. Right now I have an EAD 7000 DSP MKIII DAC. I really like it a lot--very smooth, but my ML speakers are so revealing I think I would like to try for something a little more detailed and 3 dimensional. Have been considering it and the Bel Canto Dac2. According to Emperical audio the mods to the Benchmark end up being better, so that was the direction I was leaning. Any other suggestions for used cd players that have HDCD to accompany that DAC? Right now there is a Cary 308 up, but at about double what I was thinking originally I would spend. I don't think I can swing it right now. I have been waiting and waiting to purchase a universal player for my system.

Does anyone know what kind of quality CD sound to expect from Cary's new universal players--DVD7 & DVD8?
If I am not mistaken, Bel Canto recommends pairing the BC DAC with a DVD player. If you're considering the BC DAC ver 2, then pairing the unit with a CARY DVD or universal player would be a great choice. I have a modded Bel Canto DAC 1.1 connected to a Denon 2800 MKII DVD player and the results are better then my original setup which had the Bel Canto connect to a rotel CDP. Tough choice between the Benchmark and the BC as both units have been very well reviewed. For my setup, I wanted the best of both worlds- a great CDP an DVD player and achieved it with the Bel canto.
Using a recent manufacture dvd player would be the way to go with the Bel Canto or the Benchmark. The reason why is that many recent dvd players will output a 96k signal. You must check the owner's manual of the player or go through the menu set-ups to be certain. Using a 96k datastream into these dacs will allow you to play dvd-a and dad discs with full resolution.