Bendix 6106 rectifier in Primaluna Prologue 3

Has anyone tried them? If so, how did it go? I was concerned that the 45 second cathode warm-up time might be a problem in this unit.
Not sure the Primaluna can hadle the 6106.
I use it in my Supratek preamp without a problem, but the power supply has to be beefy to handle the tube, since it requires more power than a gz34. I wouldn't think warm up time would be a problem.
Thanks for your reply. I think I will reach-out to Upscale Audio and see what they say.
And Primaluna USA says: "We cannot recommend using any other rectifier other than a 5AR4/GZ34."

I have a couple of National Electronics tubes that are labeled 5AR4, but I was told by my tube-wise buddy that they are actually a 6106 tube. Glad I didn't just go ahead and pop them in and toast something.
One night (after a beer or two) I dropped a pair of 6106 tubes in and have been running them for nine months with no issues. It is actually quieter on startup--no more "thump."
5ar4 are a much larger tubegz34 same tube.if it calls for gz34 you can
Put a 6106 as long as it does not sag too much in electrical demand depending on circuit, ,not the other way around currently drop over 40 volts
If it calls for a 5y3-6106 cannot go bigger to a 5ar4-gz34 something will give ,or short tube life.Bendiz best 6106 ever built like a tank.
5ar4 Mullard Blackburn .