Benz L-2 db gain for Classe 6 MC phono stage.

Hi Everyone...In need of some tech help right now. I have recently upgraded my table to a Clearaudio Solution table with a Graham Robin arm/Benz L2 cartridge combo. I want to use the in board MC phono stage in my Classe 6 preamp. The moving coil section of the Classe is factory set at 22 db gain. It has adjustable resister capabilites from 20 db to 40 db of gain via changing out the resistor. The Benz L2 output is very low at 0.4mv. My question: what resistor should I have in the Classe pre to get the proper gain stage set for the Benz L2? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as I really dont have a clue. Thanks for all help in advance.
What's the line stage gain? You will need to add the two together to get the total gain output. I would say around 60 db total would be about right for a cartridge with a .4mv output. That would yield a 400mv output.
I have a Classe 4 preamplifier. It is factory set at 22 db MC gain in addition to the standard MM gain of 35 db and works just about right with my 0.8 mv Benz Micro Glider S M. Mofimadness' calculations are correct and would've been handy when I originally purchased a 0.4 mv MC cartridge which was a little too low. With your resistor set, you can increase the gain by 2 db at a time, so I'd set it at 61 db with the 26 db resistor vs. 59 db if you're going to have to solder anyway.
If you experiment with the resistors to achieve 40-50db of gain ,you should be fine.This will allow some "range" on the 6s' volume control.
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