Bermester all it's tauted to be?

Anyone own this equipment; willing to share the experience, ancillary equipment, etc. Most interested in line conditioner, but curious if accolades are shared.
Siddh, there is an Accuphase lc offered here at Audiogon, which is probably the equal of the Burmester, though I have never had the chance to compare the two. I've listended to Burmester's latest preamp and CD-combo once, however not under any controlled settings. Speakers were A-capella horns. The amps, don't recall. Maybe Burmester, mabe Gryphon References. The sound was amazingly neutral and highly resolved through the entire spectrum, the soundstage terrific, but the rendering a bit sterile, uninvolving. Possibly the units were not broken in yet, perhaps it was the wires, cannot say. It was at a dealer's on a trip to Deutschland.
The power conditioner is truly their reference piece. Very difficult to obtain, I saw one for sale here recently. Very rarely reviewed so, no one knows about it. With all the PS Audio hype, this piece is overlooked. It has patented dc filtering, something nothing else has and it can handle any power load. Sounds unreal. Good luck finding one.