Bertram Proxima-II I/C cable

Any opinions on Bertram Proxima-II audio cables? I have one on loan and just started to test it. I would appreciate audiophiles' comments.
Hello Manjy !

Sir, did you get a chance to 're-visit' Bertram ?
Speaker Cables or Interconnects ?

Any follow up would be appreciated.


Hi Transl!I have a Bertram. Tips to buy a good cable . I think he will not disappoint you .
I am using three Bertram power cables (from the new C-Flow range) with my source/preamp (Linn Klimax DSM) and a pair of Aktiv speakers (Linn Klimax 320A).
The result is outstanding! After about 300 hours of burn-in C-Flow cables showed what they can.
With these cables my system sounds really beautiful. Powerful and detailed bass, real and soft midrange, smooth and crisp hights. The sound-stage is great - wide, deep and high enough.
The detail is gorgeous. Clarity is the best I have ever heard.

I did an experiment. I took my Klimax DSM to dealers and connected it to Manley 250 power amplifiers and Focal-Jmlab Grande Utopia EM.
All I can say - I am proud of being the owner of Linn Klimax system with Bertam. It sounds unbeatable for it's price!
Utopia were better, but not much, just about 10%. They have a bit better soundstage (more holographic) and slightly better bass (more powerful and deeper).

P.S. I am just a happy owner and not trying to market any brands. I heard some other high-qulity audio systems, but of course not all of what you can buy nowadays.