Bertram Proxima-II I/C cable

Any opinions on Bertram Proxima-II audio cables? I have one on loan and just started to test it. I would appreciate audiophiles' comments.
OK, I will write my own short review.

First of all, I connected it to the Cary SLI-80 integrated (the speakers were Nightingale CTR.2). I heard a good grasp of musical scene, the cable showed itself as a very neutral, dynamic and musical performer, well worth consideration for up to E1,000, not E3,000 as is charged by the dealer!

Then, I connected it to the NAF Legend-II integrated. No synergy at all - very harsh, clinical and naked sound, though very pure and clean.

End of story.

I am not associated with this company and do not sell or market any products.
I use the Proxima II Cables;

BNC to BNC - Digital Cable
RCA to RCA - Analogue Cable
XLR to XLR - Analogue Cable

My 'resident' ref cable was Argento - got replaced by Silencable & Echole; Bertram is the new 'guest'

It is a very very 'fast' & 'precise' cable - no nonsense what so ever - no mid range bloom no halo etc. What is there is what it conveys. Rather truthful.

I would recommend a 'listen'
Interesting product.

I am keen to call for a speaker cable & power cord too.
Would like to know the results.....

This cable looks superb & the craftsman ship is exceptional.

Used with dCS Scarlatti [digital] & Tidal [speakers] & Cadence Canasya [Amplifier]


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I have the Bertram balanced cable on loan to me. I have compared it over 4 listening sessions to my Wireworld Gold Eclipse 5.2 between my preamp and power amp and have to state that I could not make out any apparent differences in the two, in my setup. I used varied music for the comparison including Kari Bremnes, Seal, Marillion, Tutti Orchestral Sampler, etc.

This is my personal unbiased opinion and subject to the fact that a) my setup may not be resolving enough and/or b) my ears cannot hear the differences. :) YMMV.

I am not associated with any equipment or cable manufacturer.
Hello Manjy !

Sir, did you get a chance to 're-visit' Bertram ?
Speaker Cables or Interconnects ?

Any follow up would be appreciated.


Hi Transl!I have a Bertram. Tips to buy a good cable . I think he will not disappoint you .
I am using three Bertram power cables (from the new C-Flow range) with my source/preamp (Linn Klimax DSM) and a pair of Aktiv speakers (Linn Klimax 320A).
The result is outstanding! After about 300 hours of burn-in C-Flow cables showed what they can.
With these cables my system sounds really beautiful. Powerful and detailed bass, real and soft midrange, smooth and crisp hights. The sound-stage is great - wide, deep and high enough.
The detail is gorgeous. Clarity is the best I have ever heard.

I did an experiment. I took my Klimax DSM to dealers and connected it to Manley 250 power amplifiers and Focal-Jmlab Grande Utopia EM.
All I can say - I am proud of being the owner of Linn Klimax system with Bertam. It sounds unbeatable for it's price!
Utopia were better, but not much, just about 10%. They have a bit better soundstage (more holographic) and slightly better bass (more powerful and deeper).

P.S. I am just a happy owner and not trying to market any brands. I heard some other high-qulity audio systems, but of course not all of what you can buy nowadays.