Best 40 to 50k used speakers

What would you consider the absolute best speakers on the used market, budget 40 to 50k max.Open to any suggestions thanks.

It could cost $40-$50K to outdo many great inexpensive speakers such as my Legacy Focuses $2.5-$3K used). However, I am planning to purchase Von Schweikert VR9 MkIIs very slightly less than that. Those were $115K 5 years back. $40 to $50K can get you new VS speakers (or as stated above the VR55 Aktives used) or Lumenwhites which are great. I would have bought the VR55s but they are much less efficient than the VR9s.

Some people prefer Magico (I would never own the Q, S or A series, haven’t heard the M series), Wilson (don’t like the expensive ones), B&W (cheaper new than your used budget and are also power hogs), Focal, Tidal, Giya, Rockport, Vandersteen, Kharma, Avalon, Marten, Evolution Acoustics, etc. all who make and made expensive speakers which can sell for your price range at 40% to 60% less than when new. Bigger Maggies new are also less than your budget and do amazing things.
There’s a pair of Grimm LS1 BE Hi-Macs with digital motion subwoofers for sale at puriteaudio in London. Call Keith and see about an audition. They go for £38k on sale for £25k
If you are in a part of Europe that imports them. e.g., Scandinavia, I would go with a pair of Sound Labs full range electrostatics new. 
Did hear the Vimberg, i could not stay more than 5 min in the room that says it all...