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GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
First off ...how can you own a GAN amp from underwood for 18 months.....  When it's only been out a few months. As to reviews..you can't complain of negative reviews..when the positive ones are used by the company. Yes audio science review   
GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
That review about LSA GAN is bad...I'd stay:away:  
Axpona 2022 what impressed you?
Borreson is too much money.   .....His electronics etc.   
Rockport Atria II or Magico A5
Sound by singer might of been the shop. ..  
Bookshelf dilemma
Reference 3a mm decapo 3k new design.....can be run on tubes   
Your thoughts on my quest for new speakers
Golden ear is fantastic and for the m oney even better.   
peachtree gan 400 is very good
Underwood wally has a Gan amp out   
Best Integrated Amp You Ever Heard?
Totally overwhelmed (speakers under $5k)
Alot of possibilities. Tyler acoustics has a speaker designed by gr research...his value is insane. Hatbllrbeth...mm de capo ref 3a...so many.   
Dynaudio Special 40
Which Luxman ??,  
Struggling to spend 13k with three dealers
Some idiot west coast, was charging customers 175.00 to setup listeningbrooms..if you purchased it went 6o purchase price..if.not your out 175...extortion  
Can recommend some non-fatigue SMALL bookshelf for near-field listening?
Reference 3a mm de capo new 3k usd  
Struggling to spend 13k with three dealers
No free setups unless you $$$ Wilson's   
Speaker Cable, matching to Harbeth 40.2
Call the cable company..they keep database on good synergy   
Reference 3a NEW mm decapo
I have pics and I'll try and post them...they look tons better