Best Audio Research amp to compliment SP-11 tube-hybrid preamp

I want to pair an Audio Research power amp with my SP-11 preamp. Topping my list right now are the D-115 and D-125. Both produce around the same power, but the D-115 is a full-tube design while the D-125 is a tube-hybrid.

The D-115 has good reviews around the internet. The D-125 has almost know information. I feel like the hybrid D-125 would be a good pairing with the hybrid SP-11. I also feel like I should pair a low-distortion high-performance amp with the SP-11 to take full advantage of it's highly linear design. But, the D-115 is available for slightly less money, and has a seemingly better reputation.

Before you buy a D115 consider how you will handle it’s servicing, especially just simple tube changes. Biasing this amp is a bitch. And if a tube blows, and they do, it will take out a resistor in the bias circuit which will have to be replaced as well. If you can do this, or have a local techie that can do this (i.e. experience with ARC products) you’re in hog heaven. The D115II is a nice amp but I didn’t keep mine long. I used it with the SP10II which I kept for another 25 years. I replaced the D115 with a Threshold SA 3, a solid state amp every bit as good as the D115.

Good luck.