Best Balanced Cable for Electrocompaniet

I was hoping that someone with experience of the Electrocompaniet EC 4.7 and AW250 DMB could make a recommendation for balanced interconnects between these two units as well as speaker cable between the amp and a pair of Talon Audio Peregrines. I'm currently using Straightwire Black Silc but looking to make a change. Perhaps the same Manufacturers cable throughout the entire system. My transport is a Camelot Merlin feeding the Perpetual Technologies P1A and P3A. Your help is greatly appreciated!
The Electrocompaniet room at the CES was using Nordost Quattro-fil
Sounded damn good, I thought it was one of the best rooms at the show
I got this ECI set (4.7 + AW250) and they really rocks, at least aesthetically speaking. Maybe a bit expensive, but a world down when compared with Krell, ML and other Hi-End gear and the sound is as good as first class products.
Have the preamp and found DCCA and even Audio Metallurgy Zeros work excellent with the 4.7 preamp! Give them a try you wont be disappointed