Best Budget 110 Ohm Digital Cable?


The lenghts can be short as .5 and can be new or used.
I hope to spend no more than $100. I am looking for exceptional value (read, "bang for the buck") not esoteric names with promises of audio magic. May your recommendations be as neutral in terms of colouration as possible; my personal preference is I shouldn't know the cable is there.

Equipment CAL Delta, Transport to CAL Alpha DAC

Fav' music Traditional Jazz (Miles, Monk & 'Trane), Vocals, small apartment music :-)

Thanks and Happy Listening
Apogee Wide-Eye, about $35 at pro equipment stores. It's a true 110 ohm design.
I have a Cal Alpha/Delta combo with a Zu Cable 75 ohm digital coax that is awsome. I compaired it to a Madrigal 110 ohm and there was a very slight difference between the two, not enough to spend the extra cash.
They also make 110 ohm cables.
I had a Cal Delta that was feeding a Theta DS Pro Basic IIIa DAC and was using a Kimber AGDL with incredible results. I upgraded to the very expensive Kimber Illuminations Orchid, and even though there was an improvement in soundstage and microdynamics over the AGDL, it wasn't worlds better. I still have the AGDL for sale on Audiogon and it's only three months old. It's a hyper-pure silver tri-braid .5 meter 110 ohm digital. Yes, I'm biased, but it is an excellent cable.