Best Cable Match for: Naim Nait 5i + Naim CD3.5 + Vandersteen 2C's?

I have a Nait 5i (non-italic) on the way. Used to have a Creek 5350SE and before that a 4330SE. I'm relatively new to Naim as I've had my CD3.5 for about 2-2 months now. I love the Naim sound, and read/heard great things about the 5i. I am now looking for the best cable match for this set-up. Cables I have currently is: Mogami (copper) speaker cable and interconnects from, and DH Labs (silver) Q-10 speaker and Air Matrix interconnects, which are customer DIN 5 pin to RCA. I also have a Chord Cobra (original series #1) DIN to RCA cable that came with the CD3.5. I just started reading about how you should use Naim's own NACA5 cable, but also read too that an inexpense option to the A5 is Linn K20 cable. In any of this true? What do you Naim guys use? Also, should I be using DIN to DIN interconnect cable since both are Naim components? Or, does DIN to RCA still sound best? My speakers are Vandersteen 2c and I do not have them connected in a bi-wire fashion. I have heard them connected both ways and prefer the single wire connection. My system is in a 2nd bedroom, so length of wire can me 5-6ft on each side.

JBS - Nice choice on the 5i - I have the Naim 5i (italics) and I am using KLE Innovations gzero6 speaker cables.

I had their gZero2's to start with but migrated those to the AV system when I got the gZero6's. The 6's have better bass control and imaging

I have tried the zPurity 8's (an earlier version) but i found their improvement to be marginal comp[ared to the 6's

The gZero6's are the best bang for the buck of any cable I have tried, but they take some burning in to be at their best. 

They will demonstrate exactly how dynamic NAIM amps can really be.

I was using Van den Hul D-352 - but the gzero2's trounced them and the gZero6's left the D352 far behind in their wake

I can also recommend KLE IC's - the gZero3 is a very good cable (better than most others), but the gZero 10 and 20 are exceptional.

I would also recommend NOT to use the NAIM DIN cables/plugs - the KLE Harmony RCA's are excellent on single ended cables and work extremely well with NAIM gear - the DIN plugs are lifeless by comparison

I now use IC's of my own design - which perform to the level of the KLEI zPURITY 88's

If you are into DIY see...

Lofty claims? - perhaps, but I've spent over 4 years trying different cable designs and geometries and this design the best to date.

Also see my power cables...

If you are not into DIY I would urge you to try the KLE products - they are stellar products - I 've reviewed most of them and found them all to deliver performance far above all of the much more costly competition that I have tried

Don't just take my word for it - just google "KLE Innovations reviews" and read other reviews for yourself

KLEI products elevated the performance of my 5i  - they can do the same for yours

Hope that helps - Steve
any balanced interconnect will be less SQ risky than an unbalance (assuming the components can accept them)

otherwise forget abou interconnects

Dick V. wants you to bi-wire his speakers and you can read about it on various web sites, maybe youtube too

if V. does not have any ideas for you on cables then just play with a bunch to see what you like best

monoblocks a few inches from each speaker will do better than trying to eff around with brands of cables on any complex load

then there are room treatments...

This is actually my first ever post on a audiophil forum. I'm already sorry for being off open post topic right at my version message on a forum...

Still, I was browsing internet to know if my Naim nait 5si has single ended RCA inputs or differential RCA inputs. And the only mention of it seems to be willywonka's resonse to open post.

So I'm understanting it correctly? RCA inputs on Naim nait 5si are single ended?

I wanna know since I have a  bargain opportuny on Audioquest Sydney RCA cable and I'm only willing to buy them if they fit with the amplifier.

Sorry for hijacking this 2017 thread. I would really like to know about the Naim nait 5si  RCA inputs :)
@tetrapak - regarding the inputs on the 5I...

For Inputs 1 and 2 - you can use either RCA or din PLUGS
- Both are single ended
- NAIM promotes the DIN as being better
- I have tried both and found RCA to be superior

Inputs 3 and 4 are RCA only

I preferred to use quality RCA single ended cables that have advanced cable geometry to eliminate noise on my 5i (italics)

Hope that helps - Steve