Best Covers



I'm not a big covers fan. I usually prefer the original. But, this cover of a Percy Sledge song is absolutely my favorite.



Joe's performance at Woodstock was epic.

I honestly expected his vocal chords to snap and his head to explode at some point during the song.

@garebear +1 on Gregg Allman's version of "These Days," although I've always liked the original version by Jackson Browne just as much. However, I think the ultimate version is when Gregg and Jackson perform it together live at the "All My Friends" tribute concert for Gregg. 

I heard that the only performers at that show who knew that Gregg was terminally ill were Jackson Browne and Don Was; thus, making that performance even more poignant.

In the "hilarious" category:

"Jump" - Aztec Camera

"I Will Survive" - Cake

"Pump It Up" - Prozak For Lovers

In the "Wow, that took courage and talent to tackle that one:"

"Walk On the Wild Side" - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

"River" - Rosanne Cash (Joni Mitchell)

"Just a Little Lovin" - Shelby Lynne [an entire album of songs done by Dusty Springfield] 


Shawn Colvin "This must be the place (naive song)". Her album "Cover Girl" is all covers and has some real gems.