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Stupid remote or stupid user
If you are under 10 years old it's the remote, otherwise look in the mirror.  
Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!
Holy @#$%! Hope you kept receipts. Good luck with everything.  
Best Covers
Part Two: "This Flight Tonight" Nazareth "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" Al Green "My Favourite Things" John Coltrane "My Way" Sid Vicious "At Last" Etta James "Suspicious Minds" Elvis Presley “Nothing Compares 2 U" Sinead O'Connor "Work... 
"B&W" ?
Nothing sinister. It's just a software glitch.    
Best Covers
@dekay  Joe's performance at Woodstock was epic. I honestly expected his vocal chords to snap and his head to explode at some point during the song.  
Best Covers
"Lovers in a Dangerous Time" Barenaked Ladies "With a Little Help From My Friends" Joe Cocker "Prisoner in Disguise" Linda Ronstadt "You Really Got Me" Van Halen "Hurt" Johnny Cash "Take Me To The River" Levon Helm "Light My Fire" Jose Felic... 
One receiver for both ht and 2 channel (diff speakers)
Been there before and unless you are okay with the quality of sound, even a high quality AVR offers, then you might consider going the home theatre bypass route. That way you can use the front left and right speakers for both HT and two channel. ... 
I took Frank Zappa’s advice
"Trouble Every Day" was written by Frank in 1965 as he watched the Watts riots. It would still be relevant if it was written today. Well, I'm about to get sick From watchin' my TV Been checkin' out the news until my eyeballs fail to see I mean t... 
Steely Dan Aja cover
@shtinkydog  I should be thanking you for posting the question. I was always confused by the image as well and your question sparked me to investigate. Funny how it now looks completely different when you have context.  
Steely Dan Aja cover
This is an outtake from the Aja photo session that might clarify things a bit.  
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Interesting question, because my answer is not what I thought it would be. When all is said and done, my choice would be the Sansui AU-9500 integrated I purchased back in the early 70's. The warm sound, the black faceplate and the sensual feel of... 
High End System Building. How important is the matching, cabling and room? Thoughts ?
@patrickcarey  "best advice I can see on your audiophile journey is to try some stuff make sure there are returns or at the very least if you buy it used that you'll be able to flip it and sell it to someone else if it doesn't work for you so you... 
I have the ATC SCM19's powered by a Musical Fidelity M6si rated at 220 wpc @ 8 ohms. They sound great.  
Robert Plant
Had the pleasure of seeing Zeppelin twice back in the 70's. They were everything you hoped they would be. Loud, very dramatic, great musicians and Robert Plant was everything that every teenage boy dreamed of being. Long blond curls, sweaty, bare ... 
Do all remastered vocals in vinyl albums have been 'corrected" with auto tune?
I would compare an original release to the "remastered" version and that should help to answer that question. I will say that, back in the day, vocalists couldn't necessarily rely on electronics to enhance/fix their vocals, whether that was durin...