Best Dedicated Streamer

I have a Canary KD-2000 DAC and seek a high end digital streamer to feed it with. I don’t need an integrated unit with a DAC built in nor do I need or want a CD transport in the streamer.

What manufacturers and products should I consider? I would much prefer to buy US made.

Thank you.


Hi, has anyone compared Melco S10 to Nordost Qnet with the Qsource power supply ? Thank you!

I have physically had the Grimm vs Antipodes.  Grimm is lovely but has limited outputs (AES only) and is at its best upscaling.  I don’t know the Canary DAC well.  If it is best with a bit perfect signal that is not upscaled, Grimm is a poor choice.  If it is a DAC that does well with upscaling like the Holo May, it is superb.

if you have a DAC that is best with a simple, bit perfect signal that has not been up scaled, Antipodes is maybe your best bet.  The K50 would be spot on your price range and had many more output options.  Because of the dual computers (one for server, one for player) it outperforms many other units with Roon.


+1 @charles1dad , absolutely correct

My contention is that both the DAC and streamer are important and require equal attention and consideration.