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where I can buy tubes to my ALLNIC PRE (3A/110A and 3A/109B)
audiotubes.com vintagetubeservices.com Try the above, hopefully they have your tubes.  
Aries-Cerat Helene Review
@tonywinga  Congrats! Enjoy this stunning Aries Cerat DAC. It easily beats DACs 2x - 3x+ its price.  
Will streaming ever be "audiophile-worthy"?
Streaming through Qobuz and Tidal via Roon has become my only source of music and the SQ is incredible, off the chart.   
Antipodes K50 G4 Music Server/Player
@tonywinga  Congrats on finding better SQ on your system.  I agree 100%. Your system sounds great until you hear something better.  
Does anyone know the crossover point of the Harbeth 30.2 XD?
My suggestion is to email or message Harbeth directly.  
McIntosh is now inside a Jeep luxury car.
An alright audio brand partners with mediocre auto brand, seems like a match. From the music perspective, nothing jumps out from this brand, except likeness of the Blue Meters and the liquidity/ease to re-sell.  
Should I update my manufactures power cords?
@farne230  Definitely you should upgrade PC for your preamp, amplifiers, and the source.  I don't use AudioQuest brand so I can't recommend.  Good luck in your search of upgraded power cords.  
Pass Labs Preamps with tube amps?
+1 @ghdprentice  I have owned XP-30 and XP-32 preamps feeding into a very good set of SET hybrid monoblock, not quite satisfactory.  IMO Pass is an excellent amplifier company comparable in their price range, and make just alright preamplifiers. ... 
Experiences With Costly Balanced XLR Interconnects Above $3,000
@ryder  You may want to try Inakustik NF-2404 Pure Silver XLR 1m for $3700. Its price is not outrageous like Transparent Opus or Nordost Odin. The Inakustik is better than a lot of higher price cables. My system uses Inakustik, made in Germany.  
Upgrading cd player
Also note that Audio Research CD9SE would not play SACD while McIntosh MCD12000 does.  
What percentage of digital vs. analog?
100% digital via streaming Qobuz and Tidal. Sold my CD player.  
Subwoofer Basics Help
As a few users already suggested, you can connect from either the speakers / amplifiers using high level input to a subwoofer, no issues.  I have a pair of REL connecting this way.  
Roon and Streaming Services
When I activate Qobuz will Roon keep all of my albums, artists and tags etc intact?  In other words, are those items stored in the Roon memory rather than the Tidal memory? Roon still keeps all of your saved albums, artists, and songs. They are... 
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
Definitely to consider a pair of REL if your budget allows.  S Series subwoofers are really great: S/510 or S/812.  
Getting 2 subs
A pair of matching subwoofers is better, more balanced for the listening room.