Best DRYING cloth for vinyl?

I have been cleaning my LP's w/ my VPI 16.5, and choosing to cloth dry them. I have been satisfied with the Spin-Clean wipes, which are machine washable. I have found after a few washes, they start to shed some some fabric, which does easily dust off. I then put my LP's in a drying rack, which I bought from staples. This wasn't made for LP's, but it's the perfect size, was $14.00, and holds 10 LP's. Any thoughts on a better cloth, or leave well enough alone? The Spin Clean cloths are available for $15 through Acoustic Sounds, as well as some other retailers.
In my experience, the best drying cloth for vinyl is no drying cloth at all. If you wash vinyl with distilled water, you can just let it air dry.
Unreal. Why in the world are you choosing to hand-dry LPs when the VPI 16.5 will do it automatically and leave zero lint? Too much time on one's hands?