Best EL34 reissue?

What's the best affordable EL34 reissue?

I see a few options: JJ Svetlana Mullard Elctro-Harmonix Tungsol Groove

Almost all are made in Russia.
A great alternative to consider is the reissue Genelex Gold Lion KT-77. With most amps it is a drop-in replacement for EL34s with the characteristics that people love about EL34s. Do a search on for some informed opinions.

I've used mostly vintage EL34s over the last ten years in a couple of amps, original Teslas, RFT/Siemens and others, and the Gold Lion KT-77s are right up there with the best of them, with the big advantage of being able to source them tested and matched from great dealers like Jim McShane and knowing they're new production.

Of course, which tube you prefer depends on the rest of your system and whether you like your music sparkly, mellow or somewhere in between. Also depends on what you consider affordable, around $200 for a quad seems to be the entry point for really good sound in an EL34.
They are cheap and maybe not as popular, but I have had good luck with Svetlana's. Very clean sounding tube, durable, no complaints.
Yes, the blue glass is just for the look, which has always seemed crazy to me.

The clear tubes with the orange glow are part of the fun of having a tube amp. One of my friends calls it "the electronic fireplace."
Another vote for Genalex reissue KT-77's which can be substituted for EL34's. The KT-77's sound the best of any modern EL34 type to my ears at least, and they are very rugged and relatively cheap. I also second the recommendation of Jim McShane. He is the go-to guy for modern tubes.