Best EL34 reissue?

What's the best affordable EL34 reissue?

I see a few options: JJ Svetlana Mullard Elctro-Harmonix Tungsol Groove

Almost all are made in Russia.
Yugo 6CA7 made in former Yugoslavia, but not sure which part: Serbia? Kroatia? MonteNegro?
Get some once you find. They used to be more frequent then now. They sound similar to fat bottle NOS Mullards if not better.
FWIW I have had nice results with both EH fat bottle 6ca7s and JJ 6ca7s in my pushpull 17 watt stereo amp. EH a touch warmer and the JJ's a bit more transparent but both nice tubes and super affordable.
A great alternative to consider is the reissue Genelex Gold Lion KT-77. With most amps it is a drop-in replacement for EL34s with the characteristics that people love about EL34s. Do a search on for some informed opinions.

I've used mostly vintage EL34s over the last ten years in a couple of amps, original Teslas, RFT/Siemens and others, and the Gold Lion KT-77s are right up there with the best of them, with the big advantage of being able to source them tested and matched from great dealers like Jim McShane and knowing they're new production.

Of course, which tube you prefer depends on the rest of your system and whether you like your music sparkly, mellow or somewhere in between. Also depends on what you consider affordable, around $200 for a quad seems to be the entry point for really good sound in an EL34.
They are cheap and maybe not as popular, but I have had good luck with Svetlana's. Very clean sounding tube, durable, no complaints.
Yes, the blue glass is just for the look, which has always seemed crazy to me.

The clear tubes with the orange glow are part of the fun of having a tube amp. One of my friends calls it "the electronic fireplace."
if compatible with your amp, the reissue Genelex Gold Lion KT77 is stunning. Got a cryo'd matched quadset for 179 from an e____ seller. They replaced a set of Mullard EL34 xf2's and I haven't looked back.
Another vote for Genalex reissue KT-77's which can be substituted for EL34's. The KT-77's sound the best of any modern EL34 type to my ears at least, and they are very rugged and relatively cheap. I also second the recommendation of Jim McShane. He is the go-to guy for modern tubes.
I grabbed some local inexpensive EH EL34 to tide me over while my NOS tubes are being tested. After the break-in, they actually surprised me and sound very good. Not going to win over this crowd probably but still interesting none the less.
Not to be boring .... but I'm also mighty happy with my matched quad of Genelex Gold Lion KT-77's. I bought mine from ---- very nice folks to deal with.
Does the 77's have as "warm" a sound as the 34's? Im thinking of replacing my 34s with them, but I'm using them with Magnepans and need that warmth. If not the 77's any other suggestions, EL, for a warm 34. Any other comments are appreciated
System matching being paramount as always, I feel the SED's are nice and warm. My speakers could use a little wake up call, so I'm thinking the opposite of what you are w/ Maggies.
El34- I believe Tube Store in CA rates the Mullard quite well.
Correction on the Tube Store, and Mullards. It is actually the Tungsol EL34B that appears to have the best overall rating.
I'm happy with the sound of my EL34B. It came with my Manley Neo250 Classic.
A couple other thoughts in addition to my recommendation of the Gold Lion KT-77s. From the recommendations you've received it should be obvious that most members have experience with at most a few of the available reissues and likely none of them used them with the same components you have.

There has been quite a bit of discussion of El34s and KT77s in the Tube Forum at Do a search there or post the same question you've posted here.

As mentioned above, there are a number of reputable dealers who do have experience comparing most of the available tubes, that's how they make a living. Send an email or call them, tell them what you're looking for and ask their advice. I've had great experience with Jim McShane and there are a number of others.
Based on some responses in this thread, thanks Sfar, I got a quad of Genelex KT-77's last week from Jim McShane. Great service and fast communication and shipping. The tubes are as good as advertised more transparent and just more oomph than my previous JJ's for lack of a better word. A great rec thanks guys!