Best ever made & sounding CD transport ?

I owned many different CD transports over the last 11 years. From the Krells, Levinsons, and Wadia to the Japanese makes of Phillips, Sonys and Denon. All very nice and had their strengths. The prices ranged from $1,000 to $4200, (preowned of course) that I paid. Now recently I had purchased a mint preowned Pioneer PD-S 95 Elite Transport for $1300, and I was simply blown away with the results. This machine uses their pattened stable platter mechanism, where the CD is inserted upside down. All I can say this unit is and will be a fixture in my system til the CDs stop spinning. What other great CD transports are out their on the preowned market that you recently purchased?? And compare it to your previous CD transports that you either spent too much money or generally disappointed with because your $149 Fisher with digital output sounded better.
I once had a micromega stage 4 that I used as a transport, but the counterpoint that I had put up for a while to me sounds better. I was told that one box players don't always cut it when it comes to dedicated transports. Also would like to get my hands on a pioneer 65 to compare to the counterpoint. They seem to go quickly. Good listening.
The Pioneer CD players should never be mentioned on this topic. Unless it was 10 year ago. Thanks.
For me, the Sonic Frontiers SFT1 and the Theta Pearl are very good for the money considering they sound really good and at the same time very well made!