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What the heck is Resolution Audio
Deborah,please forgive Carl.He just reacted to the word'couch'.No need to leave this forum. 
Is SACD really this lousy?
All right, you asked.When I say listeners are manufactured I mean that most "music lovers" are in fact nothing but consumers gobbling up everything in their path.I find it difficult to understand how anyone can like Beatles and Dead Can Dance equa... 
Is SACD really this lousy?
I'll just leave you alone.You got a small part of it.And forgive me, but Armstrong?He is not even a musician,let alone artist.I suggest Miles Davis instead. 
Is SACD really this lousy?
Albert,music is manufactured because listeners are manufactured.Besides,how much are you ready to spend on each album?$100.00? $200.00?Guess not.You are an important part of this system.Don't complain.I,myself have 60 albums,though heard thousands... 
Super Audio CD
I think we should do something about all these dealers.They are interfering with the discussions.Message for Audiogon owners as well. 
Best Preamp For $1200 Used
Listen,Tweek or whatever else you are.Just shut up,then go to your nearest junk shop and beg for sale there. 
Starter SACD setup, ideal speakers ?
It would be more correct to choose speakers first. 
Any opinions on Birdand Audio DAC
I suggest all dealers hide what they are or get the hell out of here.We have enough of that outside. 
Agreed.Dynaudio is a very good choice,but consider VMPS FF3 as well. 
Cardas cables
Thank you both.Sure,my system is always in a flux.Also,over half the recordings I care to listen to are so poor that increasing the resolution too much will actually spoil the impression.So,I will get Cross,though Golden Cross would make me a bett... 
Biggest Sonic Improvement
When I replaced my Luxman $500.00 player with CEC 5100Z belt drive.Huge difference. 
Best female vocals on CD
To Snook2.You got it man. 
Recommended cables for NHT 2.9
89vett,we are not most people.Please,be calm.Just stop talking.Thank you. 
Rowland 8ti or Krell FPB600c
I suggest you put another Cobra or Custom Power Cord Company instead of HT,then replace Transparent cables with Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference(Rowland uses Cardas wires,I guess),after that replace your preamp. with Rowland,and only then t... 
Does it still pay to buy a $3k CD player
If your income is $300000.00 go buy $4000.00 Electrocompaniet EMC 1 or $12000.00 Accuphase 75v.If,however,it is close to $50000.00 then I suggest you get CEC TL5100Z from Audio Advisor for $795.00 and keep it for another 3-4 years.