best external drive for ripping CDs

I am doing a little test drive of an LG external drive and DBPowerAmp ripping CDs to storage.   Appears to be working fine.


But the drive was purdy cheap ($50).  It hums and has a buzz to the case while reading. Makes me wonder about the quality of the rip.  What brands/models of external drives do people use for ripping CDs to ensure the file quality is not affected?  Or does it not matter?

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Is that legal nonsense drafted by a Washington bureaucrat or committee?

How many inner contradictions can you find? I count at least two, and that is two too many. I am not American - perhaps this simpleton culture is OK in the land of the free where issues of intellectual property are not well defined.

The word right has no need to be placed in parenthesis unless it is defined elsewhere as being something other than what is generally accepted.

  • The copy is just for your personal use. It’s not a personal use – in fact, it’s illegal – to give away the copy or lend it to others for copying

Forgiving the many mistakes in the English language and punctuation in this and the more general quote that is provided, I’d enjoy examining the law which makes it illegal to give away a copy.

I am very conscious of the copyright issue.  When CDs first came out I started making cassettes for personal use.  I then tried mailing one to a friend of mine who plays with the New York Philharmonic, among other organizations and with whom I discuss music.  He mailed it back with a strong admonishment.  I had never previously considered the issue before from the loss of royalties.  Later one of my sons graduated from a Law School well known for their work on Intellectual Property Rights, and he clerked for a summer for one of their Deans.  I met my son for lunch and the Dean insisted on buying us lunch at the school cafeteria.  When he discovered that I was a Physician he picked my brain for a while about his issue, and then I addressed the issue under discussion here with him for a while (the good old Barter System).  He also emails me a few articles from Legal Journals.

I absolutely don’t file share and really resent the comment from clearstinker.


  At any rate it’s remarkable that the OP and I had the same painful experience with the Bryston BOT.  My experience extended to the Bryston BDP3, which sounded great but which had so many snafus with it inept Web Browser as to drain all of the pleasure out of listening.  Bryston digital department sullies the decades of goodwill that they built up with their amplifiers.  And yes, the Melco is superb (Melco is the audiophile wing of a large computer peripheral company), but afaik it needs to be coupled to a Melco streamer/server

... I’d enjoy examining the law which makes it illegal to give away a copy.

Feel free, but it's at the very basis of copyright law. The underlying principle of intellectual property and copyright law is that it allows control of distribution, from which royalties and other revenue derives. You can't give away free copies of copyrighted material because only the copyright holder can control distribution. But making copies for personal use is perfectly fine.