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Amazon Music Question
Good move.  My hearing definitely gets worse in certain situations, such as when my wife begins a discussion about redecorating the house   
Recommendations for good WiFi speakers
@ellajeanelle    I didn’t watch the video, but don’t the KEFs have be plugged into an outlet?  
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
@njcardave  +1 on the Bryston DAC3.  It also has 4 HDMI inputs, which can accept the DSD layers from SACD players able to output DSD  
Amazon Music Question
@ellajeanelle    It’s purely Classical Music for me.  I will probably never attend a pop concert again because I want to preserve my hearing.  Anyway, I hope that the Amazon fix works for you   
Records and CDs
It’s a complex issue.  There were a lot of analog to digital transfers that were poorly done (I think this more prevalent in pop than Classical).  The playback equipment of the time wasn’t the culprit as much as the transfer engineers.  The playba... 
DAC suggestions for a reasonably modest system
I don’t know what SMSL stands for, so obviously I don’t know the SQ there.  I would go for a used DAC to try and get the most value.  A used disc spinner would have concerns about laser life, but a solid state DAC should be good for years  
Which Vintage CD Player To Use As A Transport?
@paul6001   Is this a good idea? Compared to what? Not feeding your children for a week because you spent food money on an expensive component? What are your goals and budget? It’s easier to help if that is clear  Another inexpensive way to g... 
Amazon Music Question
@ellajeanelle   a very classy reply to some of the invective that you have triggered here for daring to suggest that you enjoy the quality of Amazon streaming service.  What kind of concerts do you attend?  
A treat for those who like classical piano
Have you heard the Vikingur Olaffson album that pairs Ramsay and Debussy?  Thanks for the link  
Records and CDs
@rvpiano  the new classical releases on vinyl come from places such as the Berlin Philharmonic house label and are Uber expensive.  To me they represent a cynical attempt to catch well healed customers who have either fallen for the myth of vinyl... 
Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions
Does his Mac have digital ins that will allow it to be used as a DAC?  If so and he likes the sound of his current player then I would spend the $500 on a CD transport  
New Streamer, DAC or Let it Be
I didn’t read the entire OP, stopping after the first paragraph.  My prejudice would be to get rid of the Node as the transport.  
Crackle and hiss on some albums
If surface noise is a major irritant, then just listen to digital.  Even the highest end gear can’t completely eliminate it and to enjoy vinyl you need to have some tolerance for it.  
Records and CDs
I reached that conclusion a long time ago.  I reserve analog for recordings that are now digitally or were poorly transferred to digital   
A quick question on what streamers to consider.......
OP   your first post says you will be listening on your back deck (apparently from your living room speakers-not exactly the sweet spot) or while cooking in your kitchen (background music) or while entertaining guests. When I have guests over, u...