Best feets/base for my Arcam Dv 88 Plus.

Its on a Soundstyle furniture w glass shelters.

Vibrapods,Solid tech,Nordost Pulsar or something else for chill it and for vibrations and stuff ?

Try the Mapleshade feet and platforms.They work "synergistically together and have a return policy.Use pennies to audition the platform,that way if it doesn't suit you,it can be returned without additional out-lay in cash.
I like the combo of Vibrapods and Vibracones used in the Vibrapod sandwich mode. The type and number of pods depends on the weight of your components and can be tuned by ear. Follow the Vibrapod guidelines at and you'll get great results. I like this combo better than other vibration tuning devices. However one can get good results in a variety of different ways, just depending on what you're looking for. For instance, many people swear by Audiopoints and the Aurio products. One friend of mine uses a combo of Pulsar points and the Vibrapod products with excellent results.