Best gently used setup for under $6k

I'm a recovering audiophile who sold off a pretty sweet digital setup years ago when I moved cross country. My fiancé bought me a record player for Christmas (damn her straight to hell!). After buying a bunch of records, I'm ready to upgrade my system.

I know zero about analog set ups, so looking for some advice. My budget is $4-6k (lower means I can buy more records). I'm ok buying used.

My room isn't ideal. It's full of concrete floors, high ceilings and lots of glass windows. But I'll be sitting 4-5 feet from the speakers, so maybe not a huge deal. I will definitely need to go with bookshelf speakers though.

What are some good set ups it should consider?
Welcome back to the world of audiophiles! Damn if I do, damn if I don't!!!

There are many choices out there. Ultimately, it always comes down to synergy! Below please find a simple set up that works extremely well together, will suit you budget, and, most importantly, will blow your mind away!!!!!!!!!

Rega RP3/DV10X5 - $1,500.00
(later you may want to add the Rega TT-PSU for $395.00 as an upgrade for steady pitch and quieter backgrounds plus the ability to change speed with the push of a button).

Rogue Audio Sphinx Hybrid Integrated - $1,300.00
(it comes with a very capable integrated phono stage card perfectly suited for the dynavector 10X5 high output moving coil so you will save $$$ by not having to buy a phono stage).

Golden Ear Aon 3 Bookshelf monitors - $1,000.00
(I know you want bookshelf monitors but please check out the Golden Ear Triton 7's ($1,400.00) first. These floorstanding speakers are simply amazing!!! Plus they are small in size with a very small footprint).

Speaker cables and iterconnects - Kimber 8TC/Hero combo that you can buy used in Audiogon for about $500.00.

Best part.......all new equipment with warranty!
All in all, you will spend about $4,500.00 with plenty of spare money to buy lots of lps!

Happy listening!
Here is my source first, small room friendly version. A little unconventional as it comes from multiple sources, some not mainstream (save money / bang for the buck / was fun for me hunting for deals).

$1500 - Rega RP6 w/ TTPSU
$ 200 - Rega wall mount
$ 65 - Herbie Mat 2mm Way Excellent II
$ 500 - Audio Technica AT33PTG/II cartridge (from Japan, 2juki on Ebay)
$ 550 - Jasmine LP 2 mk II phono stage (from China on Ebay)
$ 50 - Mogami 2549 custom made RCA (from Pro Audio LA)
$ 230 - APPJ PA0901A 6N4+6P14 integrated tube amp (from Amazon)
$ 125 - Mogami 2921 speaker cables (from pro audio store with gold banana / bfa connectors)
$ 600 - Tekton 6.5t monitors (Eric does no show these on his current site, hopefully he still makes them)
$ 300 - rigid speaker stands

And if you need a selector for multiple input sources:
$ 100 - Niles AXP1 Black (FG00002) Auxiliary Input Selector (from Amazon)

Total without Niles and extra RCAs: less than $4200, all new

I have most of this equipment in my setup and it really performs. I am using the APPJ tube integrated amp in my upstairs system with some Linn Tukans (similar to the Tektons). I have the same analog front end downstairs, with the Mogami cable and the Tektons, which really dial in 11 inches from the wall slightly towed in. You need some rigid steel speaker stands with these.

Some may frown on my integrated amp choice, but I really like the sound of this unit, but it is quite a small performer and the high gain of the Jasmine will work well with the APPJ's low watts. I tried a Rogue Cronus Magnum and didn't like that. Noisy and sounded more solid state than my Audio Refinement separates. Plus it is an easy swap out to something else if you want to go to another power source without having to touch any of the other components. Additionally, your speakers will probably be not too far apart and cannot be too far from the wall, as they will be almost on top of you given your room constraints (Aon 3 speakers like to be 2 feet into the room), so a small box setup like this will work with a very simple equipment stand.

This analog front end, the tube gear and the monitors have a nice warmish tone while still keeping pace and accuracy.

You might want to save some money for some room treatments.
Quote from OP...
"What are some good set ups it should consider?"

Do you really want to know what I have or want to have. Or for that matter what the rest of A'gon members have or want to have? Give it a few days and you'll have dozens of systems to choose from. But which one will be the right one for you?

I suggest you go out and start listening to as many speakers as possible and start making a short list of the ones that sound the best to you. After all, the speakers are by far the most important, critical and subjective component in the entire system. So find these first. Then select an amp that will properly drive them. Then look at your analog sources. Do it this way and you'll be on the right path to find the system thats best for you. And not a bunch of strangers on the internet who will never hear it in your listening room.

But if you really want my recommendations as meaningless as they may be...

Thanks for the responses. I actually decided that it was silly to upgrade my turntable or build a system around LP's when I own so much great music on CD. Also, there's a good chance that I'll be moving to a MUCH bigger place in the next 6 months, which means I'll probably want a different setup for that room.

I've always loved B&W and McIntosh. I know there is better value to be had with other brands, but it occurred to me that going with these guys means that I'll have no problem if I decide to sell or trade up later.

I went in thinking I'd buy the B&W 805's, but was blown away by the PM1's. Not only were they more optimal for my small room setup and less expensive than the 805's, but in a head-to-head comparison I actually found them better/more musical over a much wider selection of source material. Blown away by the PM1's.

I'm currently pairing it with the McIntosh MAC6700 Receiver since they didn't have the MA5200 in stock.When it arrives in a month, I'm sure I'll just want to keep the 6700. But honestly, is there any good reason to have an amp that puts out 200 watts per channel when the PM1's only need 90-100?

If I do decide to take the MAC5200 when it arrives, I'l probably pick up the B&W PV1D sub or the ClearAudio Concept turntable.

Any thoughts on this setup for an office/listening room?
"I know there is better value to be had with other brands"

Don't short change your set-up or think you need to make an excuse for buying McIntosh or B&W just because others on this board or others may have disparaged them. Both are excellent brands and both will give you many great hours of listening satisfaction. They are leaders for a reason.

I have owned tons of different brands, some much more expensive and some much less, but have found that the ones which I thought gave me the best value, were the ones which put a smile on my face regardless of of the brandame. If they make you happy, that's all that counts!
To second what Michaela just wrote......nothing wrong with B&W/McIntoch. I have owned products from these two brands as well as other brands like Linn, Audio Research, Cary, Conrad Johnson, etc. After many years of trial and error I have come to one realization; you don't need to spend lots of money to get it right!

No better feeling than being extremely happy and satisfied with best value products you can get. My current set-up may cost much less than a set-up based on the products mentioned above but I couldn't be any happier!!!!!!!

Just find the right synery and, like Michaela expressed, that's all it counts if it makes you happy!
Per Bgupton...
"I went in thinking I'd buy the B&W 805's, but was blown away by the PM1's"

Now your talkin' Brother!
Unlike your first post where you were running the risk of starting a popularity contest, now your telling us what YOU LIKE! Way to go! After all, what sounds best to you, in your room, is really the only thing that matters. Sounds like the PM1's are the right speaker for you.

Nothing wrong with McIntosh/B&W either. Whether one likes them or not, they are market leaders and hold their resale value. And like most Alpha Dogs, they will always be challenged by others. If you like them - buy them! Its your system, not ours. Happy listening.