best indoor antenna for FM reception?

Which antenna is better at reducing multipath and signal hiss from FM broadcasts? The Fanfare -2 or the Magnum Dynalab ST-2? I listen to jazz & blues stations from Toronto and the Western New York area
Signal hiss is mainly due to a week signal. You need either a very sensitive tuner (if you don't already have one) and/or an outside antenna, or a amplifier such as is made by Magnum to get rid of the hiss.

To reduce multipath you need a directional antenna, not an omni, which you can point directly at the transmitter. Some omni's, if placed horizontally, will act as a directional antenna.

Were I you I would look into the Godar line of antennas. As always, an outside antenna is best.
I use the Fanfare 2 (similar to ST-2 which I used to have) and notice placed outside is much better than used inside my home. I am in Chicago suburb.
Terk, Godar, APS, MD..... The MD and FanFare are over rated and over priced. The Godar, both models 1 and 2, and Terk 50 are good and best value. The APS Attic InTenna is expensive yet a great concept that can work very well. You can reproduce a likeness to the APS for less $ and have fun doing so. It is a common design similar to wi-fi capturing devices. Definitely forgo antennas with boosters or amplifiers, as they add ugly unwanted nioise even at their lowest settings. These are my opinions and my limited first hand experiences.
When the Attic Intenna first came out, APS had a picture of the internals on their site, but no more. Any one know how the inside is wired?