Best Integrated, period.

Has anyone compared, Gryphon Diablo, Gamut Di150, Vitus SS101, Krell FBI, APL UA-S1 Jeff Rowland Continuum 500? Please add what you found to be best integrated.
I've just purchased what I hope is the 'best' (for my system) - the very last VAC Phi Beta 110i. This was intended for Kevin Hayes' personal use, but he decided to go with his new separates. It's being tested at VAC and will be delivered next week.
Ultimate integrated is a machine called Sroll Lyric,this amp can compete and exceedes sound quality of best separates,it is amazing machine which would deserve a lot more attention.The problem is that this guy mr.Sroll is not very good at marketing and is not ready to enter US market.His amp bettered Halcro with ease.It uses totaly diffrent technology,mr.Sroll is a genius.I never heard one box nor separates to sound like this,so clean and natural,dynamic a holographic with maximum informations with no distortion whatsoever.
Output power 2x530W / 2Ohm
2x350W / 4Ohm
2x225W / 8Ohm
Frequency range 2 Hz - 200 kHz
Dumping factor on output terminal 3500 / 8Ohm / 1 kHz
Distortion no hearable distortion
Power amplifier class AB
four-layered gilded printed circuit board casts in aluminium monolith
Loudness control precise resistors, switched by relays
Input circuits balanced input, discrete circuits without total feedbacks
and without opamps
D/A converter 16 - 24 bit / 32 - 192 kHz, cast in aluminium monolith
Chasis milled massive aluminium case
Cooling by the whole case, upper desk thickness 40 mm, 620 pcs.
vent, heat distribution by gas without FreonĀ“s
Inner cables halogen free, high quality
Output terminals WBT
- analog 1x XLR
3x cinch
- digital 4x cinch 75Ohm
Measures 440 x 185 x 440 mm
Weight 38 kg
As much as I love the Gryphon, I have to say that I know you're in for a treat when the VAC arrives. Not only is the VAC gear wonderful, Kevin Hayes is one of the most honorable designers I've ever met. Though a bit different, he reminds me so much of my personal mentor and friend of 30 years, the late Jim Thiel.
Brilliant, understated, music lover who has only the 'best intentions' for everything that he puts on the street.
In a different world, (maybe just across the pond even) a guy like Kevin would be exhaulted by everyone as an audio God! LOL...
Please tell us, as this unit breaks in, and give it time, how it sounds...please?

Larry Staples