Best Kept Speaker Secret?

OK all you speaker experts out there here goes. There are always "sleepers" or "exceptions to every rule or cost" in high end audio equipment. In your opinion what is the best kept secret or exception to the cost for the very best speaker you can buy for $4000 or less (Used). Your feedback will be greatly appreciated toward building my short list. Thank you.
Nestorovic type 4.
I recently purchased a used pair here on a whim and it is the best audio purchase I have ever made. They were designed and built as I understand it by Mr. Nestorovic who designed one of the best ever Mcintosh tube amps then went on to design speakers. They are the best I have ever heard at any price. I have owned or auditioned many, many speakers: maggies, martin logans, dunlevy, jmlabs, sonus, spendor, vandersteen, polk, ohms, klipsch etc. the list goes on and on. With these I am amazed every time I turn them on. They were made to be mated with a tube amp. They are highly sensative 92db which I find essential in speaker performance. 8" woofer, 4 3/4" midrange, 4 1/2" ribbon tweeter. They are truly wonderful sounding! I am in love again and my search is over. I do use them in a small room with a stand. I do not feel they need a sub.
The best thing is they sold new for $2400 10 or 12 years ago and would be much higher today. I am firmly convinced that speaker design for the most part is not better today and the materials used such as in the magnets are poorer today than they were. I got mine for under a $1000 !!! The best speakers I have heard at such a great price.
It feel so good to be in love again :-)
Sonus Faber Electors. (Not Elector Amatours) These are a very small book shelf speaker that retailed for $3200. Great looking wallnut speaker with sound that seemed impossible to get from something so small. They were my first high end speaker and my most researched item. Of all the speakers I demoed in this price range these were by far the best regardless of size.