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About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
A time to remember old friends and give thanks. 
music , mind , thought and emotion
Detlof;That is so beautifully, eloquently, and truthfully spoken. That strikes right through to ones heartfelt emotions, by passing, as great music does, conscious, cognative thought. My spirit loves your spirit.Thank You. 
music , mind , thought and emotion
Gregm; You are one of the ones I was talking about. There are still some around worth reading but so many seem to have gone from Audiogon. I could start to list them but it would be so long it would just depress me.... We go back a long way here s... 
music , mind , thought and emotion
One of the greatest threads with some of the greatest people. I love and miss your passion! Where have you all gone? I have been here a long, long, time hoping for your return. 
Tis a sad, sad day...
In my experience that once you go with an excellent open baffle design it is very hard to go back, There are open baffle designs that will work in a small apartment but as you know you will have to pull them out from the front wall when you want t... 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
Just remembering and honoring my old friends....Miss you and wil not forget. 
Is there such a thing as audiophile parametric eq?
Listen to Eldartford. Excellent information and he is right on. You can spend a lot more and get less. 
Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck?
No question in my mind. Linkwitz Orions are the best value period. Perhaps the best speaker period. Once you hear you will beleive. Give them an audition or not..makes absolutly no difference to me. 
Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?
All I can say that if you do you are an idiot. 
A butt-load spent in cables - how much improvemt?
Jim Davis has the right of it. However if you spend more and hear a difference, then you do, and thats all that matters! Can you imagine Mike Lavigne, with his excellent system, with lamp cord as speaker cables... He would be mortified but the vas... 
Has anybody had experience with the Orions?
In my opinion the Orion¬ís combine some of the best attributes of the different speaker types;The startling dynamics of horns, the crystal clean clarity of electrostics, the seamlessness of planers, the beautiful extended highs of a ribbon, and the... 
Which DAC for $1K?Benchmark?Perpetual?????
Another vote for the Monarchy M24. Excellent value IMO. 
Sansui AU-217
I do not beleive they are lighted. At least mine isn't. 
Words From the Wise
IMO the most important factor is the quality of the recording, then the speaker / room interaction. 
Bob Dylan's Modern Times, a new Masterpiece?
I do not think they were so inept as to master it poorly. Everything was done for a reason and it is a MASTERPIECE.