Best KT88s (specifically for VAC Auricle Musiblocs)

I'm using a KT88 based amp for the first time - the VAC Auricle Musicblocs. I just had them serviced but one of the cheap Svetlanas blew, probably from my biasing it too high, and its been replaced by a used Genalex Gold Lion for the moment. The amps sound very good as it is, but I'd like to get the best out of them with a good matched Quad of something decent.

Ideally I would like a little more mid-range luxury and presence without sacrificing too much bass control. However lower bass is not so much of an issue because my speakers have powered subs with an active crossover (Vaughan Cabernet One).

I'm in the UK, and valve selection here is a bit limited. Nobody seems to have Svetlana Winged Cs anymore, and I've read reports of dubious quality in the later batches. Genelex Gold Lion are easy to get from good dealers who can match and measure, so that is the obvious choice. But would I be better of with some Chinese valves such as the Shuguang KT88-98? Are they going to be a bit warmer in sound to the Genelex?

I've read great reports about the Psvane KT88 T2 but they are very expensive. Also the Shuguang Treasures. The riskiest option is to buy these from Mable Audio in China, who have them up for a good price:

From what I have read Kevin Hayes supplied the Auricles with the Shuguang KT88-98. These are very affordable, but I suspect that Kevin only supplies selected ones. 

I could also buy from the US, and I'd appreciate any recommendations for the best source.

I tried the Gold Lion KT-88s in my 300.1a and did not like them at all--very detailed but too mechanical and hard. The Shugang KT-88SC are much better to my ears, with more bloom and texture along with plenty of detail. But VAC can no longer source them, so they've shifted to the GL. 

Fortunately, after a long search, I found KT-88SC at The Tube Store, labeled as their "Preferred Series."  After six months of steady use, thet have proven far more reliable than the ones VAC was selling toward the end of their supply (I had 4 tubes out of 8 new ones from VAC blow within 6months of light use). Much less expensive than the VAC SC, too.

I like these tubes so much I bought six matched quads. Meanwhile, the GLs (2 matched quads from Jim McShane) sit in a drawer with all of 50 hours on them, unlikely ever to be used. Of course, YMMV.
wrm57; thanks for that very useful information. I'll see if my friend can pick up some of the Preferrred Series. He just told me that this shop in Kyoto has Shuguang. It's apparently a very messy little shop full of tubes, with a couple of shabbily dressed guys. Sounds dodgy, but charming! I suspect they will be the cheaper KT88-98 though. Have you tried those?

My amp was Prima Luna Prologue Two, which is KT88, but can use EL34, 6550 and I believe some more of KT series, but I havent tried any than above. Dont get me wrong, I liked EL34 and if you deside to switch, try NOS Tesla.

Also, I tried Unison Research S2 ones and it was clear not my thing, however, they guy who sold me Tannoys advised to check S8 model, but I havent try it yet.  

I drive my Tannoy’s D700 by Cary 300B ( classic chrome body with 11 w or something ) and the match is very good, they are 93dB, think that mono’s will be better, but it is good for now. I also tried Zanden 7000 300B ones, which is 8 w only, and the sound was superb, as it is all about transformers.

I wish I had the money to get Tom Evans pre and power amps, maybe one day.

I'd love to try 300B with the Vaughans. I'm sure you're right that its the big trannies that matter, but it seems that is what you pay for. 

The Unison Research S2 had no bass control, so that was out of the question. But I tend to like the UR sound (I used the Unico Pre/DM for years) so I would like to hear one of their higher models.

Shuguang kt-88 
I have tried regular and Cryo ed. For $180 for a quad Cryo ed  are clearly more detailed and refined then thd standard tubes Which are very good these have 36 hours tested in the factory plus several hours after 48 hr Cryo treatment.
From a 5 man blind test after a 30 minute warm up treated and untreated 
The Cryo ed tubes are clearly better,and on average last longer.
Great qc vs the Russian tubes since 1858 Shuguang has been making tubes. is very good and if close match they do quad or whatever .