BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?

DUKE PEARSON THE RIGHT TOUCH 1969. I have it in my top 5 all time!



Thanks for the recommendation ... Especially because i am not a flute lover ...But i like to provoke my innate taste to go on new road...

You’re welcome. I’m not a flute-lover, either, mahgister but I do like Tabackin’s playing. ;o)

He’s recorded at least one album of all flute:





Yes -- they can be found used but "decent" is a relative term, depending upon one's budget. For example, I've long coveted the Mosaic 3 cd live Charles Tolliver set but the lowest price I see today is $80.00 -- too expensive for me! 

yes, agree, totally relative...the one available now at $79.99 comes to $16 an album...though I paid much less some years ago...for some issues worth it to me, for most not...