Best live album you've ever heard?

This is certainly inspired by the album that is kickin' it very LOUD here. I have many many live albums by every one from A-Z, but NONE come close to this one except Johnny Winter And Live, or the Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East. The Stones' Get Your Ya Ya's Out has to be the best live rock'n'roll album ever. God bless Mick Taylor. I live in a concrete block house, and it is still shakin'. If any of you know of a better live recording than these, please fill me in. Thanks, Tom
Some good ones on here already. I'd add the Allman Brothers, but not the one you're thinking - I like the live tracks on Eat a Peach even more than the ones on At Fillmore East. (Though that one's no slouch either.)
Diana Krall Live in Paris (DVD) is very nice too.

I concur with many of the listings here. Over the years I've worn out many a copy of CSNY 4 Way Street, and Little Feat Waiting for Columbus!

As for listing the Band The Last Waltz... I've hear it a number of times, seen the movie, and even a live improvisation of it up in Portsmouth NH, and I've loved the collection of guests involved. However- given the opportunity I would listen to the Band Rock of Ages anytime over the Last Waltz. I've also enjoyed Phil Collins Live, as I got to see him and the band up in Montreal back in 1990 for The Serious Hits Live Tour.

Genesis - Second's Out and Three Sides Live

Over the years I tended to like the live versions of most of the songs until they started to have to step the pitch down as Phil got older. Also there was an introduction of some off vocal effects.

But Second's Out stands the test of time very well.