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The Best Live album
Stanley Clark, Larry Carlton & Billy Cobham: Live at the Greek  
Best live album you've ever heard?
Stanley Clarke- Live at the Greek  
Pat Benatar 
Thanks Willie 
What is tube rolling?
but why is it called "rolling"? 
Topnotch BluRay Concert.....
The Eagles Farewell Tour Live in Melbourne is being released on BluRay Feb 19th. Finally! 
Topnotch BluRay Concert.....
The 25th Anniversary of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Concerts is excellent! 
Should I upgrade home theatre to one with HDMI?
You can connect the DirecTV receiver to your AVR via coax or Toslink and get Dolby Digital 5.1 and run the HDMI cable directly to the TV. This is how I hook up my DTV HR-24 
The Worst Speaker you have ever heard.
Barack Obama! 
Older Def tech Powerfield subs...
I had a Powerfield 15 and it was sealed. 
Topnotch BluRay Concert.....
The Police-Certifiable sounds and looks excellent, but kinda hard to find. 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
My 1998 Honda Valkyrie! 
Subwoofer Rattle
Sounds to me as if you will have to replace the drive unit. B&W has them in stock here: 
Can I bridge Rotel RB 1080
How about getting another RB1080 and bi-amping? 
Processor upgrade from Integra 9.8?
I too have a DTC-9.8 and am thinking of upgrading to a 80.2. Please let us know if you think the difference was worth the upgrade.