Best lower end cables for B&W speakers...?

Hello Everyone,
I’m relatively new to mid grade audio equipment and recently purchased a pair of B&W 702 S2’s and a HTM71 S2 center channel. To me, they are very clear and unforgiving speakers. I also use a Velodyne sub, but not all the time. So far I’ve been in love with them but am using borrowed speaker cable, straight 12 guage, to just try.

The Blue Jeans certainly seem reasonable enough, but in my head cables may be more speaker specific than a lot of other applications so I wanted to see if folks had used Canare 4s11 or some other cable that would be 500 and under per pair with their B&W’s. I can get these for 150 and certainly seem reasonable.
At 150, if they don’t work it won’t be the end of the world but figured I’d try here to see what people thought who had B&W’s

I would recommend Zu Audio. For your assumed price range you could check their outlet on eBay. Cables come in different lengths and 2-2.5 meter pair would, roughly, run in $200 range. They look good.

Why would you start a thread asking for opinions and then call a person who gives you an opinion a troll? It is actually a trollish behavior.

As for Zu Audio cables, they work. They have worked the same with four pairs of speakers, and a few associated amplifiers, I have tried them with. Which is the same as what old Monster Cable and lamp cord that preceded them did. In some way, they may be called "neutral". Whatever you do, they do not change the sound. For that, an amplifier with tone controls or different set of speakers may be better cost/benefit option.
@fastninja12... the Cable Company does a try before you fully commit cable trial. They have a library.
DH Labs. Ridiculously good regardless of the fact that they are not super expensive. IMHO
I last went with some speaker cables from Schmitt Custom Audio. Very affordable and sound and look better than basic connections. Not high end but improvements were noticeable and he is a small business owner so was nice to support. Not sure I could discern the difference from a more costly product so worked for these ears.
B&W speakers like to be bi-wired. By a set of used MIT terminator 2 cables. They will suprise you. Afer that by used MIT 330 Plus interconnects. More suttle but thye will add musicality.