Best Male Singers of the 20th Century

There is an interesting current discussion about the best female vocalists on CD. I have my own ideas about the best male singers (any category) of the 20th Century, but would like to hear other opinions.
Some favorites:

Frank Sinatra
Placido Domingo
Jimmy Scott
Little Willie John
Greg Allman
Joe Williams
Mel Torme
Roger Daltrey
Tony Bennett
Magic Sam
Big Bill Broonzy
Marvin Gaye
Sam Cooke
Elvis Presley
Johnny Hartman
Enrico Caruso
Stevie Wonder
Oscar Brown Jr.
WHAT?? Bob Dylan best singer? You MUST be joking! That spoiled, middle-class, New York city boy (old man, now)over-the-hill hippie (life is tough - the butler treats me mean and the cook won't make me no lunch)doesn't even have the least little bit of a singing voice.
Gino Vannelli ranks with the best ever. His early jazz-fusion(1969-1978)will really suprise you