Best Match for Sansui TU-999: Asthetics & Sound ?


Expecting delivery of a Sansui TU-999 in minty shape this week. What are the best (Sansui & other) amplifier matches for it asthetically and sonically, after the Sansui AU-999? I will use a Cal Audio CL-10 and either little Jamo e700s or Rega R7 towers...(both are 6 ohms). Any wiring concerns with this line up?

Any of the '70's era AU 517, 717, 719, 919 Series Sansui integrateds would do the trick.

Regardless of what many might say, they and many of their Japanese designed and built counterparts of the time, were well built, robust, powerful and sounded pretty darn good. Especially the Sansuis.

Check this site for more info.

I found a fellow with a darn nice looking and refurbished AU-999, so I should be set. Will play it this evening for first time....

Thanks for asking. The matched pair AU-999 from dude in Chicago burbs and the TU-999 from Vlad (member here) sound and look great together. Thanks for Vlad for the super packing job. Dude from Chicago (Craigslist Naperville) has a basement full of Sansui 9090's (8 in all) for sale...quite an accomplished amateur tech he is! Self taught but employed in a similar field...
I personally do not know Vlad, but if you use the member directory search feature on the "My Page" link you can contact him.