Best microphone for recording home system

I'd like to make some recordings displaying my home system with various songs and movies. I'm curious what mic's are available that will capture the music as best as possible and be within an affordable range.

I realize affordability is subjective, but let's be realistic. I just want to make some videos and post them on youtube. Again, let's not get into a debate about youtube's compression. That's not what this is about.

I would just like a microphone recommendation that's good at capturing music. I'm not looking at spending $1,000's or even $1,000. Let's keep it well below that mark please, if possible.

What's available?


Not to be argumentative, but the SM57 and 58 have midrange boosts built into their frequency responses, to make vocals more intelligible on PA systems. The SM57 is the industry standard for recording snare drums, as it makes them POP!

For accuracy you want a condenser or ribbon microphone, as used in studios for recording vocals. Research the subject on sites dedicated to recording for current models in various price categories.

Get a audio recorder device such as the Zoom H-5.  It has stereo microphones, mic preamps, a digital 4 track recorder and a USB computer interface.  Street price is around $300.

Call Sweetwater and talk to their reps.  They are super knowledgeable and helpful.  I just bought a whole system including dual mics, transmitter and microphone stand.  

I agree with the Zoom suggestion, I've had great results with these.  Depends on what you're making your videos with.  If it's a mobile phone or DSLR, probably easier to get a mic that connects directly to it.

You can get into the different mic types, but it gets complicated