Best MM?

I want to try a MM with my Herron VTPH-2a. What's the best one? Maestro 2, Zephyr III, AT VM760SLC? Something else?

This is strictly opinion, and the only facts I have to confirm my opinion, are when the very rich got much richer by manipulating the commodities markets, and made an astronomical amount of money off the price of food and gas.

For some reason, the folks here seem to know only "audiophilia"; but be that as it may, it wasn't until after the rich got much richer; that they had so much money, they began to spend it on the most ridiculous stuff, like 33,000 dollar interconnects, and all sorts of stuff that was the most expensive, with no regard to value. As if, somehow, the most expensive must be the best

For years I came into contact with rich people through real estate, and they always had an eye out for "value"; they wouldn't buy stuff unless it was worth what they paid for it, and if you recall the most expensive gear in the past was worth the high price, not some totally ridiculous price that was all out of whack.

Now it seems that almost every major high end audio brand has something that fits that bill of having some item which has no connection to value. Before now, Grado's products seemed to be related to value, but if his competitors are selling items that have no relation to value, why shouldn't he get some of that "easy money".

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Of the current carts everyone seems to be going on about the Ortofon, yet nobody mentions either the new Garrott carts nor the Cartridgeman Music Maker.

Not true. Back on Oct 27 I made two posts in this thread singing the praises of the Music Maker III. Excellent cartridge that deserves much more press / praise than it receives.
Update: Have been using Ortofon 2M Black while waiting (forever) for an Audio Note IQ3 to arrive and have been really enjoying it. Bought a Signet TK7E today with the TKN14 stylus for my uncle for Christmas and decided to mount it. Haven't stop listening since. I'm pretty sure I like it better than the 2M Black. Better bass and vocals are cleaner and warmer. Doesn't handle busy passages quite as well but also overall less edgy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to find him a replacement gift.
Hard to do better than the Signet TK-7 Series of MMs.....👍
I don’t remember if the TKN14 is the No.2 or No.3.....?
If you look at the underside of the stylus assembly you should see the No.2 or 3 embossed.
If you have the No.3 is the Shibata and it effectively makes your cartridge a TK-7SU......