Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and have a few questions in reference to HT processors.  I am starting from scratch and switching from a Krell S-1000 and S-1500.  I sold the processor a few months back and I going to list here the amp.

I am currently considering the new Bryston 9B3 and the SP4 and decision was based on upgrade ability and warranty. The speakers for HT will be Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home and for 2 channel Verity Otello’s.  My second choice was Classe but I was informed that they have all sales on hold, this is concerning.  I have not listened to either, my choice is based on reviews and the Bryston dealer.  My decision was also based they are both good for two channel, I am not set on this but it will help the budget and space.  I am looking for a warm and good over all sound; some might say 3 dimensional sound, clarity is also a factor.  Actually, all I’ve read in reference to Classe fits the bill.  I would like a couple of other choices to include in my short list and opinions are welcome. The budget for the processor and amp is approx. 22k.  

Thanks to all.....
I built a  Frankenstein system that sounds pretty good, but nothing like the dollars you have.   I purchased an NADT777 V3 with paradigm 15b speakers and Dynaudio x18.  I mixed 8 ohm and 4 ohm.  The home theater is pretty good.  Set room with Dirac, but it does lack on 2 channel Zone set up.   This was an interesting read as I wondered the same thing.  
I was still using an NAD 2200 I bought new in the 80s.  Its working in the garage now.

You see what I am saying, it’s just logical to me.  All electronics have there own sound and the only true way of having the best of both worlds is separating the two. The more research I did on this topic it all lead to the same conclusion which lead to a priority change. I learned your two channel is where all is truly taken in and where all the detail is important to be present. Don’t get me wrong a good sounding HT is important to a lot of people but you really don’t have to spend a whole lot to accomplish something that to me will always be lacking. A movie is mostly sound effects and not all sounds or scene of the movie will be brought forward. There is the back ground music but when your involved in everything else, this tends to disappear in the back ground. Anyway this is just a personal observation and conclusion, please don’t chew me out.....

I agree with you on the two channel.  I listen to a lot of music and I like two channel.  My HT is nice too, but HT is a bunch of noise with some music between explosions.
Macquiar, bummer I couldn't find Mariza's live Concerto Em Lisboa on Tidal.  I know it's on iTunes just didn't have time to get Apple Music connected to the Luxman before leaving for vacation. I will check it out when I get back, from my quick listen it sounds like a great song, as well as album. 

From early listening the 509X is definitely a great integrated, at least with my setup.  I would classify as neutral and smooth, with high resolution so it's revealing.  If you hear gritty or bright it is will most likely comes from a component in the system.  Even with bright sources the vocals coming in smooth.  I have noticed cables, especially interconnects, make a noticeable impact with this amp, at least with my system.  I can say for the first time I was able to really hear the difference between my copper AudioQuest Earth cables and silver Fire cables.  In terms of power, I have not been able to move the volume knob passed the 10 o'clock position since it's way too loud with my ML 11As, which are somewhat demanding speakers which drop below 1 ohm in the high frequencies. 
Also, using the Luxman + 8805 I really got to see the how great of a pre/pro the Marantz 8805 is.  The analog output stages and discrete DACs are great.