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Looking for amp reccomendation
Thanks all for your responses.  Right now I use the NAD T777 ver 3. I don't think it uses Ncore in this version.  I was interested in brands, so brand suggestions were good.  Many on this site tout the great sound of a class A amp and I wanted to ... 
Looking for amp reccomendation
Would like a Pass.  Not sure I can afford even a used one for 3K. 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
Tony Rice 
How much is "LOUD" still a reference point for some?
I like to listen loud after a few beers, so not a lot.  I measured 105-108 on the scale.  I would like it louder, but that's about as loud as it goes.  It's still clean at that volume.  NAD and Performa speakers. 
Network Switches
Looks like a gimmick.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Robin Bullock--Album Between Earth & Sky, song Stefan and Liz's Waltz 
It's National "One Hit Wonder" Day!
I actually took a couple of guitar lessons from Dennis Zager in Lincoln Nebraska back in the 80s.  Zager & Evan's, in the year 2525.  Not sure I got the title right, but they had one hit 
Speaker Volume
almarg The stats you provided look about right from what I see.  That is right in the ballpark.  I like how it sounds.  Wish I had a bit more volume, but I am going to live with this.  I don't need incredibly loud volume except rare occasions.   
Speaker Volume
mijostyn   I don't have a DAC.  I have two computers in the living room.  A laptop connect HDMI and listen to Pandora with the volume problem.  I also have a home built PC with BluOs playing over the Network Gb speed.  The home built one has goo... 
Speaker Volume
gosta and all the others who responded.  I apologize for taking so long to get back with you.  Life gets busy.  I have more news regarding this.  When I play music through BluOs on my computer, using Qobuz and Deezer, it is louder than through t... 
Speaker Volume
   mlsstl   I am retirement age but still working.  I know growing up, I abused my ears.  I worked construction around heavy equipment for a long time then went back to college and earned a couple degrees and changed fields. Worked in a cement p... 
Speaker Volume
Guess I will have to settle for 105.  I don't listen at those levels often. It's not like being at a live concert.  I think if it made 110 to 115 that would be ideal.  I feel my ears strain at 107-108.  I am sure you have been to live concerts whe... 
Speaker Volume
mrdecibel scm1 Ok, I need to get on the learning curve regarding NADs cut over. I don’t know what that means. Sorry about the noob status. The one thing I did do that was fast. I downloaded Keuwlsoft SPL Meter. At full volume from 8-10 feet dire... 
Speaker Volume
The room is approximately 15' X 20 '.  It's not a large room.  The speakers are about 8 to 10 feet away; directly in from of the couch.  I am listening to Pandora through a laptop connected through HDMI to the NAD.  I admit, I probably shouldn't b... 
What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load
NAD M22 V2