Best of current production 845 tubes?

Shuguang introduces the best new 845 since the United Electronics 845 W's, circa 1930's. We deserve it. I know that I rolled in just about everything that fit, in hopes of saving some life on the United's.
The Nature Series, as it is known, features the lowest noise level that I could not hear, in a long time.
At $400 a pair, they are among one of the best buys that I have heard. They are easily worth $1,000 per pair, I do not work for Shuguang, but I call things the way I hear them. Get yourself a pair of these before somebody figures out that they are significantly under priced. My system is custom. An integrated Chinese amplifier heavily modified, I had a custom made Coco-Bolo wood box made to accommodate new capacitors. It's tube compliment:
1 pair of Tung-Sol 6SU7 GTY (a 6SL7 on steroids), 1 pair Raytheon CK-5694 (a gift from heaven), it's first cousin is a 6SN7. Driving phase coherent 4-ways, 86db. Source, a custom Reference Audio Mods CD player, which feature four nines silver output transformers, which allow you to skip an active pre.
Any other information on this new Shuguang 845 tube? Interested in information on tube designation and vendors in US?