What are the current useless terms in this "audio world"

Throughout the history of marketing of all kinds of consumer goods there have been many useless, hyperbole phrases and words used.  It seems on ebay, here, craigslist and others a current pet of Sellers is taking something to "the next level"....  which sounds like a great marketing term for an elevator maker.   

I'll say "neutral". It means nothing to me. I would replace it with natural if anything.
They are all useful. You can learn a lot about the person using them by the terms they think are useful. When you read word salad you know you are dealing with a vegetable. 
The worst word in audio is "best," as in "What is the best DAC on the market today?" or "What is the best speaker for under $8k?" or more relevant to your question, "This amplifier [the one for sale] is the best amp I've ever heard."

People should stop using YMMV as it's just a polite way of saying bugger off.  It should go something like, it works for me and I don't care to hear your critiques of what you can't hear in my system.

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A few come to mind:

Digital Ready
Quantum (anything)
Photo Sample (if it's open it's used)

“What are the current useless terms in this audio world”

Just read up on all the threads and posts by millercarbon 😂
"Sounds like analog"
"Concert hall in your living room"
And...from a Clarus advert:
"The music is I and I am the music..."
Just remembered my Number 1 cringe inducer:
"Built like a tank"
There must be a hundred more ways of saying well built.
Describing any piece of gear as 'reference.' It's a completely meaningless term. Compared to what? When I was 16 years old my 'reference system' was an 8-track deck bolted under the dash of a Ford pickup truck.
Thank you to all.  I got a few good chuckles out of your responses.  There is a classic Jazz song named, "Compared to What"...and it is true that everything can possibly be seen as something compared to something else, including humans. 

To me it's the supremacy of the "mike feed".
What we hear in the studio listening to the mike feed is not what the mike actually captured, but it's the sound of the monitor amp / speaker.
So, if it "sounds just like the mike feed" it means your amps / speakers sound just like the ones that were used in that specific recording studio.Nothing more, nothing less.
Also,"best", "next level", "perfection" - these do not mean anything as there are at least a dozen of these coming out every month..
When you read "word salad" you know that you’re getting schooled by MC.

"Perfect Sound Forever."

Good one.  

First they gave up on "perfect" and tried to shoot for "analog". Then they gave up on "analog" and tried "high-resolution". Now have pretty much thrown in the towel and settled for "streaming".

Vinyls. Vinyl (singular) is fine, vinyls (plural) not. An LP is made of vinyl (actually, PVC---poly vinyl chloride), but an LP in not a "vinyl".
 I would much rather they compare the velocity of a tweeter's diaphragm with an unladen swallow.
The biggest useless term in audio is newer more advanced technology the best audio gear was made 40 to 70 years ago and all we have done is taken a step or many steps backward since.
I would much rather they compare the velocity of a tweeter’s diaphragm with an unladen swallow.

What do you mean? African or European swallow??!


“The best powercord , the - interlink , the - speakercables “ on the market…
It's used ALL the time and it has a meaning that MOST understand BUT I can't stand the term just like I can't stand High 5 crap..  "SLAM"

Friggin yippee talk' That's right I said it YIPPEE TALK..

You know who high 5s.. The looser all the time.. The winner puts his hands together and KNOWS why he won or lost.. Not to many around, BUT all the greats DID.. "SLAM" YUPPEE talk.. LOL

the best audio gear was made 40 to 70 years ago.


Don’t tell me.. Atomic GEAR.. :-) Comes with a leaded apron for extended use. Is known to cause birth defects in ALL cockroaches. The only BUG that shows NO birth defects and survived 9 out of 10 atomic BLAST test..

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Black Background.....White noise or Pink? (...sailor...;)....)

Reference?  To What?  Quantum Co-ordinal Waveform Timing?!  What the dog left by that tree that No One wants to approach?
When a salesprimate sez..."heard"....does he Really mean ..."herd", as in great markup to keep the lease?
We're all looking for that Giant Killer that is Organic sounding and Punches Above its Weight.
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It's F'in Great, It sounds Pretty F'in Good. It sounds like Shxxt. It's F'in Awesome !
Those are my Audiophile terms and I use them regularly with friends and on YouTube.
I too am wary of terms like "reference" and phrases such as "state of the art", but when used by an experienced reviewer, who I have followed over the years and who subsequently purchases the item for use in his/her review system, this certainly carries more weight for me. Hyperbole is the stock in trade of some reviewers.