Best of these integrated amps...

I am in the market for an integrated amp and have been researching for a while. I have it down to 3, but I would like to ask the opinion of this forum of those users who have experience with these. 

Mark Levinson 585
Marantz PM and SA 10
Devialet Expert Pro 440

Please let me know what you guys think of these. 

After hearing the 585 at AXPONA in April, I've been wanting one ever since.  It was paired with a set of the new Revel F228Be speakers and it just sounded fantastic.  ML also has a newer model that adds a top flight phono stage, the 585.5, but it is quite pricey.
Of the 3, the ML 585 is the one I have not heard yet. I have the Marantz PM 14S1 and love the sound, but it needs more refinement and XLR connections like the PM and SA 10 would deliver. 

Have also heard the Devialet and it is VERY good. But...there is no way around their DAC. Even the phono input is DACed. Not saying the DAC is not excellent, but if I ever want to add a different dice and no point. 

The ML 585, on paper, checks all the boxes I need checked. I keep hearing how great the DAC is and am anxious to hear it. ( better then the Devialet DAC I wonder?)

That is why I wanted to get some opinions from all you sonic vets out there. To help me spend this 12G and get the best sound. 
@flip49er FWIW hooking up an external DAC to the Devialet Expert Pro you will still hear the sound character of the external DAC come through. Same if you use an external phono stage.
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Out of those 3 choices you listed above I would rule out the Marantz PM10. However, the Marantz SA10 CD/SACD player is awesome but the PM10 analog integrated amp isn’t that impressive especially considering its retail price of $8k brand new. Not worth $8k IMO. 
My system had been good to me but ever since I moved into my house with lower ceilings, the sounds has been muffled and not getting the staging I wanted. I thought time for whole new system, new speakers, new amp, new TT, new pre-amp, new wiring, new everything. Fortunately I started with replacing my 18 year old Krell 500i amp with Devialet Expert 220 pro. The speaker matching breathed new life into my B&W 802 N speakers with clearer separation and crisper highs and mids. Also the warmth and clarity with my phono was amazing (after fine tuning phono stage configuration).  I connected my Wadia 830 CD player and the a/d is impressively clean.  And I was ready to dump everything. Wow was I lucky. 

The visual gravitas of ML or others is undeniably luring. The Devialet is sleek, chrome, laptop-size - diametric opposite stylistically. I wondered how this thin sculptor was going to drive power hungry 802s, but the Devialet is amazing. Devialet integrates old school equipment with 21st century precision, extending new life. 

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